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  • In 2017
  • Passing the FIFA(Federation Internationale de Football Association) lab test(including 5,000 hours UV test)
  • Obtaining certification of product-specific approved exporter
  • Obtaining certification of conserving and efficiently using energy and resources
  • Supplied our artificial turf for football fields on the roof of the largest supermarket named‘ Homeplus’ in S.Korea
  • Accomplish the first export to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
  • Patent no. 10-1731890, manufacturing method for artificial turf with advanced pullout through having improved mesh strength and artificial turf
  • In 2016
  • Obtaining SGS test report from 169 harmful substances
  • Obtaining certification G-PASS(Certificate of Designation for as an Excellent Company for overseas public procurement market)
  • Accomplish the first export to Chile, Philippines and Dubai
  • Patent no. 10-1615153, artificial turf structure manufacturing equipment with air-knife and artificial turf structure manufactured with the equipment
  • Patent no. 10-1635536, dual structured artificial turf with advanced shock absorption and, its method
  • Patent no. 10-1635540, artificial turf with advanced pullout through reduced coating volume, and its method


  • In 2015
  • Patent No. 1587741, on the method of manufacturing artificial turf mat with the composition of eco-friendly polyurethane artificial turf backing.
  • Patent No. 1589407, on the manufacture method of eco-friendly artificial turf coating adding reusable eco-friendly acrylic copolymer
  • Patent No. 1589406, on the manufacture method of functional artificial turf coating and on the manufactured eco-friendly artificial turf
  • Awarded the appreciation plaque as to the installation of artificial turf stadium in Hanla university and the maintenance from the soccer association of Wonju.
  • Obtaining ASTM test report for flammability of synthetic turf
  • In 2014
  • Certification of Manufacturer’s Quality Assurance by Public Procurement Service(First certification in the industry of artificial turf)
  • Eco-friendly artificial turf and performance infill including natural materials, patented manufacturing method
  • Patented manufacturing method for artificial turf mats that have used eco-friendly polyurethane
  • Patented manufacturing method on the Highly elastic porous infill for artificial turf
  • Acquisition of certification KSM 3888-1:2013, After developing refurbished yarn proportion and tuft withdrawal in water.
  • Grant an appreciation for the football facilities/park in Gwanghaewon, Chungbuk


  • In 2013
  • Become a leading supplier of synthetic turf industry with 230,000㎡, 70 goverment supplies
  • In 2012
  • Environmental labeling certification
  • Obtaining certification KISS, Korean Industrial Standards of Sporting Goods(Regulation of FIFA on artificial grass for football fields)
  • Foundation R&D institute of K&B JUNWOO- Acquisition of Q-mark for artificial turf
  • KSM 3888-1, KS Certification in artificial turf for school sports facilities
  • Patent No. 10-1112983, on artificial turf with bulky support
  • Patent No. 10-1112985, on the method for manufacturing bulkiness artificial turf
  • Certification of ISO 9001/ ISO 14001


  • In 2011
  • Grant an appreciation plaque for an exporter merit in Dalseong-gun
  • Grant an appreciation plaque for Artificial turf installation in Hanzhong University
  • Patent No. 10-1077918, on bioceramic method of manufacturing artificial turf
  • Patent No. 10-1073966 method of manufacturing composite uneven yarn for artificial turf
  • Patent No. 10-1063970 method of manufacturing bi-ceramic monofilament
  • Installation of Germany double-tread Tufting machine
  • Artificial turf registered as provisioning in 2011
  • Installation Nylon ejector
  • Installation the covering machine on the ejector
  • In 2010
  • Opening a Futsal field and exhibition, K&B JUNWOO
  • Installation of rashel machine
  • Registration for supply of artificial grass
  • RS approval tests
  • Selected by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy as a manufacturer of artificial turf contributor standards
  • Title to Business landscape installation and construction of equipment


  • In 2009
  • Production artificial turf
  • Installation of exclusive processor for artificial turf
  • Japanese machinery installation tufting
  • Installation of PE, NY ejector
  • Obtaining the sales license and the manufacture of artificial turf
  • In 2008
  • Established K&B JUNWOO Co.,Ltd