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Technology of K&B JUNWOO High Quality of Yarn Materials Environmental Hormone ZERO, NO SKIN TROUBLE

K&B JUNWOO makes eco-friendly artificial turfs designed for your life.

TNPP(Tri Nonyl Phenyl Phosphite) is a phosphite stabilizer and antioxidant for LLDPE to be able to cause allergy or seizure.

We make artificial turfs for people.
K&B Junwoo materializes TNPP FREE by using LLDPE material produced by the largest chemical company in the world. the artificial turf of J&B Junwoo is the most safest one recognized in the world owing to the harmless to humans by eliminating Nonylphenol which is able to cause allergy or seizure.
The artificial turf products from K&B Junwoo are reliable and safe to use due to the ZERO harmful substance on the test report. The products with out Heavy metal(lead, cadmium, mercury,Cr6+), Volatile organic compound and PAHs etc. will make you feel relieved from the health anxiety.

We make artificial turfs for people.
A company manufacturing eco-friendly artificial turfs
With a customer-oriented mindset, We make artificial turfs that satisfy our customers.
K&B JUNWOO is well-known as a company that innovates for people by producing eco-friendly, and body-friendly products.