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The reliable partner leading the age of limitless competition,
K&B JUNWOO Co., Ltd.

CEO Message
Founded in 2008, K&B JUNWOO Co., Ltd. originated from Yooshin textile company which has run for 60 years keeping pace with the rapid changes in the market is the leading artificial turf manufacturer and installer of eco-friendly artificial turf in South Korea.

We currently strive to become an example of the leading company in the world for the 21st century based on the advanced machines and innovative technologies for excellent qualities, and outstanding manpower.

In addition, we have been dedicated to the R&D of producing the outstanding and innovative products, which has achieved the result of having the superior technology for the quality of yarn which is the most important factor for safety, performance and durability of artificial turf.
We drastically keep investing the R&D center since founded in 2012.

K&B JUNWOO will carry out our role with responsibility as a member of the community by working all employees together towards the reliable partner on the basis of the advanced management for all available to take part in. We will also win through the coming age of limitless competition with the company motto which is 'Be the first' by continuously fulfilling the great idea with our all employees and executives.

President. Ha, Suk Jun

Ha suk Jun

Management Philosophy

K&B Junwoo takes a leap forward to realize its goal of becoming the elite company of the 21st century in an effort to satisfy customers.

Company Motto: Lead, Activate Product Quality Management, Enhance Human Resources Capability	Prioritize Customer-oriented Product Quality, Management Goal, Product Quality Goal, Settle the Product Quality Management System	  Establish the Continuous Advancement Structure, Settle Circle Activities


K&B Junwoo will strive to further satisfy customers through its systematic organization structure.

K&B Junwoo, a company that strives to produce the best artificial turfs in the world.

CEO, Son Hi-jung / Ha Suk-jun, K&B Junwoo Technical Research Center, Site Manager Song Jae-seop, Mangement Director, Jeong Ui-gi, General Affairs, Bookkeeping, Choi In-sik, Domestic Sales, Lee Cheol-woo, Overseas Sales, Bae Ji-Eun, Production, Jo Gwang-je, Product Quality Assurance, Lee Gu-hwa